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The Best Baby Shower Ever

The Freckled Canvas: The Best Baby Shower Ever

Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Best Baby Shower Ever

I started this post and never got around to it last year, I was always putting off loading the pictures from my camera to my computer. Well, sometime between then and now they were loaded onto the computer but have since disappeared. All I have is this one that I managed to save from a text message.

I remember the first time I met Keri. The elders serving in my ward took me with them to teach her husband about our church. She was such a happy person. I loved her instantly! Then a couple months later we found out Keri was pregnant! I was so excited for her.

My mom and I threw a baby shower for her with a couple people from our church, so as not to overwhelm her! It was so low key, at one of Columbus's favorite restaurants-El Vaquero. Keri's nursery colors are red and pink which was perfect because we waited til after Valentine's day to buy all the supplies. We got all our supplies on sale.
prep before the big party

We got a package of adorable red with white heart straws, some adorable pink cards in a couple different designs, some Valentine's pens, some red and pink ribbon, and lots of red and pink candy.

We had it all waiting at each seat. We used the cards to have each person write a note to the cute baby girl and/or advice to Keri. We tied it up with a cute ribbon and attached a pen. We used all the candy to make gift bags since we were having it at a restaurant, we wanted everyone to go away with a little something. The waiter was a little slow bringing out the waters for us to put the straws in so we just put them in the bags.

We ate yummy mexican food and then Keri opened her presents. It was so fun to celebrate Keri with some great people! And now Little Baby Ruthie is gonna be a big sister to what is going to be an adorable! How cute are the invites I designed for their gender reveal party with family?

So excited to meet the little tyke!

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