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The Best Love Letter I've Ever Written

The Freckled Canvas: The Best Love Letter I've Ever Written

Monday, March 2, 2015

The Best Love Letter I've Ever Written

My English class is all about writing essays. I've learned a lot by writing them and it felt like such a waste to work so hard to only show them to a couple people. So I'm gonna post them here. The first one was a love letter. I was not excited about it at first. What single girl, who's never been in love wants to write a love letter. Then I actually read the directions and realized we were supposed to write about an inanimate object. I picked books.

what little girl didn't dream about this being her own as a little girl?

Every Love Story is Beautiful but ours is my Favorite
Dear Book,

I remember the moment when I knew I loved you. You were sharing a story of a magical land with wizards and witches, evil dominating but good triumphing, family and love. I stayed up late to spend time with you, my old neighbor saw my light on late and told my parents. I didn’t even mind getting in trouble. That’s when I knew I would do anything to spend time with you.
I was nervous after that story, would I still love you or would this be a one-time thing? Had I fallen too much, too quickly? Before then I felt we were like the young Odette and Derek from The Swan Princess, pushed together but resenting each other for it. My mom loved you, and thought we would be a good match but I didn’t like you or any of the stories you tried to share with me. My teachers tried to pair us together and even that didn’t work. I will forever be grateful for our friend, Craig, setting us up with that first story.
            I got better at hiding the signs of time spent together as our relationship grew. I made curtains for my window so my old neighbor wouldn’t see. I started using that lamp that sat on my nightstand collecting dust. I started playing my music while I read the stories you shared (since at the time I played music to fall asleep). To this day I can’t listen to Clay Aiken’s Measure of a Man CD and not think of the beginning of our relationship.
            I love holding you in my hands and feeling you share each story through your pages, into my hands and then my heart. Each time you regenerate and bring me a new story I love you more. Belle said it best: “[You take me to] far off places, [with] daring sword fights, magic spells and a prince in disguise.” You take me from my humdrum life to places beyond my wildest dreams. I’m better having been with you, you expand my mind and vocabulary like no one or thing has. We have become like the adult Odette and Derek, loving each whatever the future may hold. You will forever be my first and deepest love!

With all my love, Ellie

What inanimate object would you write a love letter to? Share a paragraph of it below!

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