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Sinful Colors Nail Polish Review

The Freckled Canvas: Sinful Colors Nail Polish Review

Monday, August 4, 2014

Sinful Colors Nail Polish Review

So a couple years back, before I moved home, I was all about painting my nails. I blame one of my besties, Sara, who was always painting her nails some new color. Then with pretty much everything in my life it passed it's utility maximization point. While prepping for a party with my cousins I started painting my nails so dust off my skills and so I'm back on my nail painting kick!

Influenster and Sinful Colors asked me to review one of their new colors - Eva So Bright. I'm not normally a bright girl. I usually stick to pale pinks, white (for french manicures of course) and skin tones. So I was a little hesitant to try it but what's the worst thing that could happen? I hate it, that's what nail polish remover is for.

Here's what day one looked like. I liked that it easily came off the skin. Since I am horrible when I paint with my left hand and do more clean up than anything.

Here's day 3, when I just couldn't stand it anymore. The chips were so bad! And it was a light week for me, the week before I did a lot more and my nails didn't look half this bad. Which it may not look horrible to you but I'm a perfectionist.

So I was still okay with the polish and the color but then I took it off. And this is what I was left with…

My nails have never been stained like this before. And one week later they're still stained. 

So the final word:
Great color, but stains really hard! I'll try two clear base coats before the color next time. 

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