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Wedding Thank You Notes Advice

The Freckled Canvas: Wedding Thank You Notes Advice

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Wedding Thank You Notes Advice

I'm a planner. I like lists and making preparations so everything goes perfectly. So a long time ago I started asking for peoples wedding invites, like people I barely knew. Why did I do that? So that when the time came to write and make my own I would have plenty to draw from.

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My favorite to this day is from a friend I met at Institute in Salt Lake. He and his fiance had their friends write a little something about them. Either how they met, what they were like as a kid, what their talents are, and their missions. Then they made their own little newspaper and sent it as the announcement and then also a color picture. Seriously, I told some of my friends about it and then everyone wanted to see it. I would take some pictures but it's packed away in Utah.

I also collect the wedding thank you cards. I've been known to take pictures of wedding thank you cards or even take them. Some of my favorites are ones who take a picture on their wedding day with the words "thank" and "you" or even use pictures from the engagement shoot. I also really like when the wedding thank you cards match the wedding colors because then it's like a little reminder of the fun reception!

But the best part of the wedding thank you cards are the personal notes. Ladies (and gentlemen who are helping your wife write thank you notes) please make it personal! Don't use some poem that someone else wrote that has no connection to you and the gift-giver. The person you're writing to took the time to pick out a gift, write you a card, get dressed up, and come celebrate with you. I know you are writing quite a few a ton of thank you cards but take the extra couple seconds per card and make it personalized. Because the people you are sending it to will realize that you just BS-ed your way through this. And then when it comes time for your baby shower, they might not be so generous. And let's be honest, gifts are the best part of the baby shower!

Write something like this:

Dear (people's names-first names if you're close, last names if not),

Thanks so much for your (lovely gravy bowl, sweet gift card, awesome mr. and mrs. hoodies, or what have you)! We (loved it/can't wait to use it)! Thank you for supporting us!

Mr. and Mrs. (your new last name)

Because you should take every chance you can to write your new last name while you still get excited about it!

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