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New Year | New Goals

The Freckled Canvas: New Year | New Goals

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year | New Goals

I'm not all about resolutions, I'm more about goals.

This year I'm going for some repeats and for some new ones. Now this is a judgement free zone, so no judging.

  • I want to never have my hair up when I sleep. First, it's really bad for your hair and second, it's lazy!
  • Wear my hair down more. Putting my hair up, in one of many styles, is my go to thing. It's not great for my hair and it's a little more polished.
  • Wash my face every night. I'm so bad about getting into bed and realizing I didn't wash my face so I just say "meh, I'll wash in the morning" and then I don't. So this year my goal is to wash my face every night.
  • Read the Book of Mormon at least twice. I'm starting with @BofM365 on instagram January 1. They'll be putting just a couple verses up a day and by the end of the year, if you've followed along, you'll have read all of the Book of Mormon. I want to read it at least once by myself as well.
  • I want to be better about keeping a personal history by journaling. I used to try to journal on sundays during sacrament meeting and that worked until moved back to my family's ward. And now I don't want to forget the experiences I'm having these days.
  • I want to be better about keeping my life organized and simplified this year. Thanks to Emily Ley's Simplifed Planner I've been in love with her work for almost a year now. And I'm so grateful my mom gave me one for Christmas!
What are your goals for the new year? Let's support each other. I plan on writing an update each month. Key word PLAN!

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