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For The Strength of Youth: Friends

The Freckled Canvas: For The Strength of Youth: Friends

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

For The Strength of Youth: Friends

Tomorrow at 9:30 6 people from my house are rolling out for Youth Conference. My dad is the speaker for one of the workshops and he'll be talking on friends. I've heard a little of it, and it's going to be great! I got to make the handouts for the workshop!

As kids walk in he'll be handing out this on a card, to each person.

"G" stands for guilty, of judging others looks and not becoming friends. It comes from this awesome video from a Dustin Hoffman interview. It's an amazing interview! I wish everyone could see this, and really listen to what he says.

So after the rest of his super cool workshop. The kids can choose to keep the "G" they already have or they can trade it in for the one below. Because it won't stand for "guilty" anymore, it'll stand for "go." Go and open your eyes.

We're pretty excited here! I'd like to thank everyone who gave me input on facebook and instagram! Once we get back from youth conference I'll post all the juicy details!

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