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CMT Awards

The Freckled Canvas: CMT Awards

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

CMT Awards

I love watching awards shows! So I might as well warn you now, prepare for an overload when it comes to each award show!

Here's just a taste of what the bigger ones are like, since the CMT Awards are little bit more low key.

Red Carpet

  • Katie Cook (CMT show host) - Hate that off white beaded dress, she needs a new stylist, and I hate the green eyeshadow. If you wear green eyeshadow, other people should have to stare to know you're wearing green. And the hair is forgettable.
  • Allison DeMarcus (wife of Rascal Flatts member, Jay DeMarcus) - It took awhile for her red dress to grow on me, but I loved it by the end of the Red Carpet, and her jewelry was perfect. I am absolutely in love with her hair, I've already cataloged it for my pinterest board "never to early to plan a wedding." I just wish I had gotten a better look at her shoes! (Sheryl Crow said they were amazing!)
  • Cody Alan (radio personality) - I get that a nondescript black ball cap is his thing, but this is an award show. Even if this is the CMT's you can lose it for a couple hours. I'm not a fan of the black shirt and the dark blue blazer he paired, it just made me think of a bad bruise. And the light jeans just don't work.
  • Jason Aldean - If he changed his shirts and his pants I think this would be a great outfit.
  • Little Big Town - Karen Fairchild - She looked perfect, I think she needed a different lip color though. Kimberly Schlapman - I liked the cut of her red dress, it just needed a crisper bottom, maybe different earrings. Philip Sweet - He looked pretty good, I just wanted him to dress it up with a different shirt. Jimi Westbrook - Looked gorgeous! And fun fact, Jimi and Karen are married!
  • Rascal Flatts - Joe Don Rooney - I loved his new hair cut! Jay DeMarcus - Let's swap those light jeans for some dark wash jeans. and I didn't really have anything to say about GaryLeVox
  • Jana Kramer - Loved her dress by Pavoni, but why was she the only they asked about who she was wearing? Not a fan of her hair and I'm on the fence when it comes to her earings. 
  • Nelly - Now I know he's not country, but can't you put on a real shirt? I could even be okay with a short sleeve one.
  • Hunter Hayes - The poor boy need to get out in the sun more, he was so pale. He wore this light blue blazer that looked perfect on him!
  • The Band Perry - They were totally true to themselves, which I give them credit for. I just want to give Neil and Reid a haircut! Kimberly - I loved her red dress, she totally rocked it! And I loved her hair!
  • Kellie Pickler - I loved her on Dancing with the Stars but that girl NEEDS to get herself a new stylist! Her hair looked uber greasy, her outfit was horribly monochromatic, you should never wear purple eyeshadow (even worse than green), Not loving her earrings either, and holy immodesty when it came to her dress.
  • Kacey Musgraves - She looked amazing, well almost amazing! Just enough sparkle on her dress to be fun but not overload you, but then you saw the stripe on the side, it kinda ruined it for me. I loved her hair, it was gorgeous! Her shoes were a great color, but the design was just meh!
  • Beth and Dog Chapman - I have never loved their fashion, but when you're as um...gifted as her the options are limited. I loved her jewelry, besides the stick on ones by her eyes. 
  • Sheryl Crow - I loved her dress! Like I might have sighed, until I saw all the cutouts, I hate when cute dresses are ruined by immodesty. They made a deal about her shoes, they were not all that. Her hair was great, perfect for her. I like the necklace, but the earrings were a little much.
  • Kree Harrison - She had great pieces, she really did. They just didn't come together. 
  • Brantley Gilbert - What is with these boys and nondescript black ball caps? Just say no! I don't love his look, a little too rock for me. And way too many accessories! Fun fact, he's engaged to Jana Kramer.
  • Kristen Bell - a little pale, but that dress was perfect. Her hair was a little off, almost as if it was greasy.
  • Dax Shepard - Not a fan of the outfit, I couldn't say how to fix it but it needed to be fixed. And he looked super pale too. It was like he and Kristen shared the same foundation.
  • Cassadee Pope - The dress I could deal with, but the tattoo with the stick on jewels everywhere on top was a little junior high-ish! And the hair, like bad clip in extensions/highlights.
  • Darius Rucker - Loved his outfit! He definitely won second best dressed for the night! It was perfect for the CMT's! Relaxed lighter blue shirt, with dark blue stitching, dark blue blazer, and dark wash jeans! I can't not get over how perfect his outfit was!
  • Chip Esten - OMGosh! I have the biggest crush on him! How can you not love Deacon? (He plays Deacon on Nashville) I loved his white shirt, and matching light colored suit vest and pants. He has my best dressed of the night!
  • Bacon Brothers - How did I not know they were a group? Kevin - looked amazing! Felt like a nod to footloose. It was great! Michael - He should really let Kevin pick out his outfits. It just looked bad from head to toe. 
  • Carrie Underwood - Carrie looks great in a dress, so I was really sad that she wasn't in one. She does the right amount of eyeshadow glitter EVERYTIME. It doesn't look juvenile, it looks so sophisticated. And I didn't like the color of her little shorts suit.
  • Keith Urban - Looked great, he really did.
  • Nicole Kidman - Her dress was very simple, which I totally can go for since she usually goes all out at award shows and this is one where she can go a little casual. She looked pale, and the black nails? No, go for a pop of color or go nude.

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