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Sunburns and Strapless Bras

The Freckled Canvas: Sunburns and Strapless Bras

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sunburns and Strapless Bras

I'm convinced that the person who made strapless bras, or even ones that detach on one end, got an express pass to heaven!

This past weekend I went on a Young Single Adult Beach Trip. It was not my cup of hot chocolate. One thing you should know about me- I'm not a camper! I can fake it enough for girls camp but that's about it. This was camping on the beach. We stayed at St. Andrews National Park. The park was actually really nice and I would recommend it if you want to camp. But I do NOT!

We drove down EARLY friday morning. Got to the beach about 10, and we were there until 5. Now some trivial things happened (like the group leaving three girls at the beach while they went for lunch) but it was a nice day at the beach. But I don't care how nice of a day it is, 7 STRAIGHT hours at the beach is not my idea of fun! And since I didn't think we would be there that long, since my family never does, I thought 15 and then a reapplication of 30 would be good. NOPE! I was a lobster!

And that night there was a devotional, dinner and a dance. The next day was another FULL day at the beach. Being sunburned and spending a day in the sun is worse than waterboarding (okay maybe I'm being a little dramatic ;) ) So I took the first car home, which turned out not to be the first car. (which is a whole other big thing, cue me thinking nice thoughts) And that car ride was the best part of the trip! I got to really know some great girls!

So all in all, it wasn't a bad trip per say but I'm ready to breakup with this sunburn. And I'm going back to the beach next week, but it's all good cause I'm staying in a hotel. But my saving grace has been my strapless bra because having anything besides a thin shirt touch my back is miserable.

Does it bother anyone else when people see you have a sunburn and ask you if you're doing anything about it? My grandparents asked me that today. They have seen me spray stuff on my back, and rub aloe and take ibuprofen. And I'm the kind of girl that if there's a remedy I say sign me up!



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