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Last Minute Father's Day Gift Ideas

The Freckled Canvas: Last Minute Father's Day Gift Ideas

Friday, June 14, 2013

Last Minute Father's Day Gift Ideas

I went all out for Mother's day, at least with my primary class. For one reason or another most of my class don't really get to do much for their moms for Mother's day and that's where I enter! We did 3 super easy crafts/gifts to moms.

My favorite one is the one I used last year too. You can never go wrong with a goodie bag of chocolate. I got a pack of like 50 clear cellophane bags from Hobby Lobby for less than 2 dollars, and spent a small fortune on Hershey kisses but it was worth it! But just like last year I forgot to buy hugs, which is totally okay because no one really cared.
via Little LDS Ideas
*I linked to her page with Mother's Day ideas
so just scroll down a post or two
My dad travels A LOT for work, I mean like 9 months out of the year. So we tend to accumulate a lot of hotel soap, and to please my mother I decided to help her get rid of some. I used another idea from Little LDS Ideas and this one was the kids favorite for some reason. (I think it might be due to the double sided tape I had them use) Since the soap was small I had them tape two together and then tape the tag to the top. This one doesn't have a pdf to use, so I just put it in a word document and printed 6 to a page.

via Little LDS Ideas
*I linked to her page with Mother's Day ideas
so just scroll down a post or two

And then because I wanted the kids to do a craft we made our mom's a napkin ring. This one didn't turn out so well, but the kids in my class have a VERY short attention span. There's no template, so I just googled flower coloring sheet and picked one. 

via Moms and Munchkins

I started planning for Father's day around the same time I was planning a Carnival Birthday party for the twin's second birthday, and at that point I was already ready to just mail it in and maybe it's just me but I don't feel like dads appreciate all the work I would do. 

The night before the party I entered a Target about 20 minutes before they closed and while I was booking it across the store I saw these coupons to give to dad. It's just a little pad of paper that has a magnet on the back to stick on the fridge, you can fill in on the coupon what it is good for. I would post a picture but I can't find mine (read: I'm too lazy to go upstairs and look for it) and I can't find it on their website. But I digress, the kids are going to give their dad's five coupons and decorate an envelope. And if you don't want to go buy the coupons, just have the kids design them or find a cute one on pinterest like this one from Disney Family

But I couldn't resist a craft, and since the last one didn't go so well with my primary class, I'm doing this one for them. I'm using this tutorial from Creative Family Moments. This one does require some planning, I took the pictures a couple weeks ago without really remembering what they were supposed to be doing, so mine don't look as cool. but once I'm done with them I'll post a picture for y'all to see! 

via Creative Family Moments

If you're looking for a REALLY simple one, then make a tie! It was a big hit with my brothers and I growing up. Just find a template online, I used this one from Activity Village (which is based in the UK, love them even more!), and just pasted it into word so I could print two to a page. I cut them in half, let them color up a storm and then cut them out. This one doesn't have a flap to fold over to hold the string, there's a dotted line at the bottom of the "knot" but don't fold it there, so I just left an inch above the "knot" when I cut and folded that over. Before you glue it down, we used tape so it would hold faster, put yarn or string underneath so they can wear it around their neck. The cub scouts that I work with loved it! Each member of our bishopric will be getting their very own handmade tie from Pack 203 this Sunday!

What are some of your favorite ideas for Father's Day or even Mother's Day?

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