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Best Birthday Present Ever!

The Freckled Canvas: Best Birthday Present Ever!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Best Birthday Present Ever!

From a young age I understood that when it came to birthdays my dad got the short end of the stick. His birthday is just ten days before Christmas. People often give him just one gift for both, or just plain forget his birthday. I always give him a separate gift.

Usually I realize about December 1 that I still need to get him something. But this year, I was had it in the bag in October. I guess you could say I'm pretty lucky when it comes to winning things on the radio. I've won a Mother's Day gift basket, iPod nano, the first one with a video camera, and tickets to a intimate concert of David Archuleta. But I think this one just might top it! On my way to pick up Zac from practice I had on my favorite local radio station-South 106.1. Then the host announces they have "Win 'em before you can buy 'em" tickets for George Strait's concert in Atlanta in March. That's right-I won the tickets! It was so freaking amazing! I even recorded my segment they played on the radio.

They didn't have the tickets in hand yet, so they told me they'd give me a call when they were in. While I was at Disney World my mom and second family I got the call they were in. I've had them since the beginning of November and they've been burning a hole in my wallet. I know a risky place to hide them but my dad never asks for my wallet and it was the safest place I could them and not forget where I put them.

It was so hard to keep that secret for six weeks! Only my mom, a couple friends and I knew. So the original plan was to put the radio recording on a CD, play that, and then have him open the second gift. I checked for the recording a week before his birthday and it was there. Then it just disappeared! It killed me but what was I gonna do?  So I just put it in a box with a bunch of shredded paper and then wrapped it. It was so great! Some of the elders serving in my ward were here for dinner on Dad's birthday so it was fun to see their reactions too!

I can't wait to go with my dad to the concert! Happy Birthday Dad!

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