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2014 Goals | January Update

The Freckled Canvas: 2014 Goals | January Update

Friday, January 31, 2014

2014 Goals | January Update

True to my word, I'm updating on my goals! Because when people don't have accountability they tend to not to do it.

I want to never have my hair up when I sleep.
I did really well with this goal, I think I only slept with my hair up once or twice!

Wear my hair down more. 
I did pretty well with this one. It was definitely down a whole lot more than it had been in the months of November and December. My problem is that I don't wash my hair everyday, generally every other day and on the second day I tend to wear it up.
Wash my face every night. 
This one I failed miserably on! I did wash my face every time I was in the shower so I'm getting better but I still have tons of room for improvement. I'll be starting fresh February 1!
Read the Book of Mormon at least twice.  I want to read it at least once by myself as well.
I've been reading along with @BofM365 with my family, we're a couple days behind but we're doing great! I haven't started by myself yet.
I want to be better about keeping a personal history by journaling. 
I journaled everyday for about a week and then I kinda just forgot. I have been trying to remember to write down one thing from each day in my Simplified Planner though.
I want to be better about keeping my life organized and simplified this year. Thanks to Emily Ley's Simplifed Planner
I've been doing really great. I feel so calm when I have my day planned out, even when things need to be changed around. It's kept me organized, and I crave organization in my callings and this helps so much! In February I'll be blogging about organization in my WeBeLoS calling and my Chorister calling has helped me find calm and peace.

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