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Personal Progress Guide Book | Knowledge

The Freckled Canvas: Personal Progress Guide Book | Knowledge

Friday, May 9, 2014

Personal Progress Guide Book | Knowledge

When I think of my favorite college classes, by far two classes stand out. One was called Genres of Film, which is a whole other story. The second was Foundations of Learning, I touched on it in my "keynote speech" on the Divine Nature post. Here's another little nugget of wisdom from that same professor, Brother Adrian.

We ask Heavenly Father for help all the time. Do you ask him to help you when you study and are trying to gain knowledge? He asked us to consider to try praying before and after you study every time for about a week.

I didn't immediately notice the difference but when test came I definitely remembered things that I didn't even remember studying. Which leads me to one more really neat thing.

I had a friend who had a professor at BYU who taught her about the Libraries of Knowledge. Before you take a test, say a prayer. Ask for the Libraries of Knowledge to be opened and the things you studied to be brought to the front of your mind. Asking for that will help you remember small things, maybe even the things you heard in passing.

It takes James 1:5 to a whole new level, y'all!

P.S. Did a little code work this week so just click on the picture to download!

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