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Introducing my new Personal Progress guide sheets

The Freckled Canvas: Introducing my new Personal Progress guide sheets

Friday, April 18, 2014

Introducing my new Personal Progress guide sheets

Last week I was asked to talk to the Young Women in my stake (a large geographic group of Mormons) about Personal Progress and how it brought me closer to Jesus Christ. I showed them the worksheets I used to work on my personal progress. I wanted to be able to share one with them that I liked but I couldn't find one, there was something big I wanted to change on each one. So I decided to make my own!

I'll be releasing a set of value guide sheets each week on friday. Today I'm releasing the introduction page and the Faith value set. Click on the caption of each picture to view and download!

I've set up these sheets in away that it guides the girls to what they need to learn instead of telling them what they should be learning. Each guide sheet is comprised of a mix of three sections. Ponder and Prove, Teach One Another, and Act make those three sections. This model was influenced by The Learning Model that I was introduced to at LDS Business College. For more information read offer the Introduction sheet.

Click to download Introduction Sheet

Click to download Faith value set

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