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Water is a Valid Life Choice!!

The Freckled Canvas: Water is a Valid Life Choice!!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Water is a Valid Life Choice!!

Back in 2009 I was watching some beauty video on youtube. She was answering questions viewers had submitted. Someone asked what she did to keep her skin so clear and one of her answers was that she didn't drink soda. This girl was 16 and I was 19 and I thought if she could do it, then I should be able to. Plus as a college student, money was tight and I didn't want to spend precious money on soda when water was cheaper and I could spend the difference on fun things and clothes!

I started then to try and phase soda out of my life. I tried to go cold turkey at first and was slipping a lot. Then I decided to just say to myself "Hey, let's choose water and maybe next time we'll choose soda!" It was a lot easier to say not now than never. Then after awhile I almost never wanted it. And when I did, I wanted it really bad but after a sip or two I had had enough because it didn't taste as great as I remembered it. I knew I could never completely get rid of soda, as a highly selective eater/drinker my options are limited. I don't like lemonade, or really any juice, so I only ever drank water, sprite or root beer. I just wanted to change my habit from soda first, water second to water first, soda a far second.

A couple years later I was watching a show and learned that the carbonation in soda causes cellulite. Now we all know I'm not a size two and I have tons of room for improvement but not drinking soda was something I could do to help myself.

So fast forward to current day. At parties I'm almost always okay with just having water. But at nice restaurants I run into a bit of problem. I drink waters fast, almost two glasses of water to anyone else's one and waiters look at me crazy when I ask for two waters. Which is to help them because if you can't keep me above half a glass then why should I give you a great tip? Water, and wanting lots of it, is a valid life choice!!

There's also the issue of when you go to lower scale restaurants. You know, the ones where you order, ask what size drink you want and they hand you the cup and you go sit down. (not to be confused with fast food places) When you ask for a water you get a cup the same size as a kids drink or smaller. I just paid a pretty penny for your food and you can't even give me a decent size cup for water? It's not like it even really costs you anything. I'll even pay for a soda if you catch me drinking one. I just want a decent water cup!

And since I've opened a can of worms let's get to fast food places. Before I go off on some places let me give a huge kudos to Chick-fil-A! Chick-fil-A will give you any size water you want, for free with purchase! Now that's my kind of place. But McDonalds? Zaxby's? and I'm sure many others, NOPE! They make you pay soda price if you want a water in anything larger than their small cups. Hello people! WATER IS A VALID LIFE CHOICE! I just paid to eat your food, which to be honest there are plenty of copycat recipes that I could use to make the stuff cheaper at home and you can't even give me a free water or charge me a nominal fee for water? I'm good to up to a dollar for a large cup of water. But you want me to pay you $3-something for a water?!? From the drive thru?!? I couldn't even cheat you out of money if I wanted to! (which for the record, I don't!)

Anyone else have a huge pet-peeve you've kept to yourself, kept not so to yourself, you'd like to share?

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