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How to Play Human Hungry Hippos

The Freckled Canvas: How to Play Human Hungry Hippos

Thursday, March 26, 2015

How to Play Human Hungry Hippos

So no doubt you've seen the video below by now. (Click play, I'll wait)

I was instantly obsessed with wanting to play it. We almost made it happen for a Stake Youth Activity, but then we realized we'd be on carpet. :( I got in contact with the creator, Tanner Nielsen, and got all the details!

I've asked Tanner to share it all with you. So here's Tanner-

Hi everybody! It was really easy. So all you need is: 
4 furniture dollies 
4 couch cushions (to put on the dolly to make it more comfortable) 
4 ropes 
like... 200 balloons (because they get popped) 
4 helmets 
4 laundry baskets (we found ours at Walmart for like 90 cents a piece) 
Masking tape (you will use the tape to make perimeters in the 4 corners of the room) 

Rules are simple 
- You cannot leave your assigned corner 
- You must use your basket facing down 
- You must wear a helmet
And maybe just a couple warnings not to run your fingers over, and keep the rope away from your feet. We had 2 injuries. 1 rope burn to the foot. 1 rope to the neck (wasn't as bad as it sounds).

At first we tried running the game until all the balloons were gone, but it was better when we used 2 minute intervals.

I don't know if you can tell in the video, but there were also some small balls in the game, and we used those as extra points.

1point for every balloon 

5 points for ever ball
We had a running total for every team, and after everyone in the team had participated we did a grand total for the victor.

I want to say thank you to Tanner for sharing everything with us today! Hope y'all love playing! And be sure to take a minute to pin the image below so you can find the instructions later and so others can find it too!

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